Design psychologist

Frederikke Tholander

I've spent the past 10+ years applying knowledge about human cognition, emotion and behaviour to design projects for clients across industries all over the world.

I work within the fields of behaviour, digital, product, brand and service design as well as design research.

My work includes:

  • Facilitation - all kinds of workshops and sprints

  • Ideation and concept development - facilitating, contributing and challenging

  • Feedback, evaluation and review - helping designers create, test and refine solutions

  • Research - interviews, focus groups, tests, questionnaires, desk research and more

  • Insights - analysis, synthesis and organising research output in the right way, whether it's a research report, segments, customer/user journeys, scenarios or something else. I excel at communicating insights and turning them into tangible results and guidelines

  • Public speaking and teaching - on a plethora of subjects including behaviour design, design thinking, AI, designing for the senses, and last - but not least - magic!

  • Project management - from framing and scoping over execution to final delivery

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